South America

South America

In South America, we have not only partnerships with insurance brokers but also other companies that can help you enter into a new market. See our partners and let us know how we can help you.

Products Offered in South America


Products include:
General Liability
Products Liability
Excess Liability
Employer's liability and more.


Products include:
Delay in Start Up
Third Party Liability


Products include:
Property All Risks
Specified Perils
Energy Third Party Liability


Products include:
Directors & Officers Liability
Errors & Omissions
Employment Practice Liability
Commercial Crime
Representations & Warranties


Products include:
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Products include:
Property All Risks
Specified Perils


Products include:
Marine Cargo
Air Cargo

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Catastrophic loss protection
Safe sales expansion
Increased Borrowing
And more.

Partners in South America

The company was born in 2006, with a global presence and collaborators and offices in Bogotá, London, Miami, and Hong Kong, whose main objective is to facilitate commercial activity in Latin America and emerging markets abroad and vice versa.
1. Legal Services: especially in the areas of Family Law, Corporate or Commercial Law, Immigration Law, Tax Law.
2. Financial Services: especially in collection outsourcing, accounting, tax issues, study, and project feasibility.
3. Foreign Trade Services: especially for commercial representation and market entry, search and verification of suppliers, an inspection of production and cargo, purchase management, work schedule, personalized assistance.
4. Administrative and Human Resources Services: especially for payroll administration, recruitment, study and background checks for natural and legal persons, translations

Miriam Conza Seguros is based in Lima, Peru and can provide insurance services in Latin America. With VIB we can offer global products for international companies in the area. We can also provide local policies in Peru.

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